Receiving Texts

I understand the danger of texting and driving.
I know that even though it may take only one second to glance at a received text,
that one second can still kill me, or someone else. Even glancing at a one-word text
can trigger thought and emotion that can easily
turn one second into a deadly train of thought. It’s human nature.
All of our brains are programmed in different ways.
A single word or phrase can easily trigger distracting thoughts.
I Can Wait.

Sending Texts

Knowing, Understanding and Believing the dangers and the distractions of reading a text
while driving, there is NO WAY I will ever send one. Even if there is little or no traffic,
I will never do it. I will consider driving to be my alone time, undisturbed by the outside world.
If I feel I may be tempted, I will deliberately put my phone out of my reach.
If I feel I need to text, I will safely pull over before I start.
I promise I will not put others or myself at risk by texting and driving EVER.
I refuse to hurt anyone just because I want to exchange information.
I Can Wait.

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