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Every number on the side of the home page links to a joke.

Chamomile Tea                   2. The Blue Suit                       3. Two Sides of the Story

4. The Prisoner                       5. The Love Dress                   6. New Date Drug

7. Marriage                              8. If Men Ruled the World        9. Romance Mathematics

10. How to Make Love             11. Golf                                   12. Office Wisdom

13. The Monkey                      14.  The Painter                      15. One Liners

16. School Children                17. Q & A                                 18. Alcohoroscopes

19. Mental Health                    20. Stay Awake in Meetings     21. Famous Quotes

22. The Fishing License          23. Words Women Use           24. Black Testicles

25. Real Man's Chain Letter    26.  Because I am a Man