This relationship contract is a third alternative
besides getting married or living together without a plan.
                                RELATIONSHIP  CONTRACT            
   Version 5 - November 2014

The purpose of this contract is to provide an alternative for couples who want to make a commitment
to each other that is more than the choice of living together and not as final as marriage with an
‘Until death do us part’ promise. The two most important and unique ingredients of this agreement
are the semi-annual question and answer session and the choice of a specific time frame for partners
to agree to be together. You can enter into this agreement as a test prior to a marriage decision,
or choose this alternative to commit to a partner for a specific time frame. Couples that are already
married are encouraged to use this agreement’s key ingredients to further develop their relationship.

This agreement is a tool to communicate, as well as a symbol of your commitment. Our society has evolved
to provide laws to govern certain aspects of marriage, and until recently, history has pretty much ignored
governing rules for those who choose a personal commitment and live together without being married.
This contract is in no way intended to provide a means to commit to each other while also providing
an easy way out. This contract is intended to be, and should be thought of as serious and comparable
to marriage, including an exclusive sexual relationship and a promise not to be intimate with another.
The difference is that the church or state does not recognize this commitment. There are no enforceable
laws involved that are not already in place for couples who have decided to live together without
getting married. For unmarried couples, any and all common law procedures already in place
would govern. Couples that are already living together are encouraged to read our materials and decide
if they wish to increase their level of commitment, and sign our proposed agreement.

Couples that are already married are strongly encouraged to adopt these procedures to further insure
commitment and increase the chances of their marriage lasting, and of their lives together being more
fulfilling. This agreement was originally designed as an alternative. That does not mean the principles,
procedures, and meanings don’t apply to married couples. Adopting the semi-annual question and
answer portion will reinforce your commitment and provide a tool to use twice a year, every year,
to help insure the permanence of your marriage.

Financial affairs are recognized as an integral part of any relationship. We suggest each person
document all assets and liabilities they bring into the relationship. After the agreement reaches full term,
we recommend each person leave with exactly what they came with, and split 50–50 any assets/liabilities
gained or lost during the term of the relationship. If the agreement is terminated, financial settlements
should occur as they would if the agreement reached full term. The world is full of attorneys
that would be more than happy to increase their income by constructing a legally binding agreement
to settle your financial affairs if you wish.  

Things change with time and relationships. The semi-annual Q & A process is intended to help you decide
if the agreement should be broken, and a bad relationship be discontinued. Only you can decide that. This    
program  will help you decide. One false notion, or emotion, is that it’s best to stay in a ‘dead’ relationship
because for whatever reason, you are afraid, or you don’t feel you would be able to find another partner.
Your ‘reasons’ are most likely untrue. That is absolutely not a valid reason for staying in a relationship.
Someone else will surely see the good in you and want you for what you are, as long as you are honest.

A time frame needs to be chosen for the life of the contract. We feel an arrangement of this type
is serious and should not be considered for anything less than a full year. We suggest up to five years
or even more if you want. This is your personal choice. You may decide on any number you wish.
By choosing a time frame, you will always be aware of the ending date. This will help your relationship
in itself by increasing your peace of mind if you want the relationship  to end, because it would,
automatically when you reach the ending date. Knowing when it is due to end can motivate you
to impress your partner and behave similarly to a courtship period. You always have the choice
to renew your commitment to another term. You have the option to choose marriage as well.

You are encouraged to conduct a ceremony to consummate this agreement. Although an event
as complex and extravagant as a wedding may not be appropriate for this commitment,
you may choose to create a ceremony that includes some traditions similar to a wedding. Flowers,
pictures, dresses, and celebration with close friends is certainly acceptable. It will help confirm
your commitment to each other. As in marriage, rings given to each other are encouraged
as a visible symbol of your commitment. To avoid confusion with the institution of marriage,
we suggest you wear your rings on the pinky finger on your left hand.

Following is the list of examples of questions to ask each other twice a year. One time should be on your        
anniversary. After first re-reading the description, intention, and instructions, you will be ready to
participate in the question and answer session which is the lifeblood of your commitment agreement.
They must be asked and answered honestly, and in private. These are basic questions only.
You are encouraged to add any additional questions based on your concerns, intentions, and expectations.
If you have any questions, or are unclear on any subject during your discussion, or are unsure of anything  
whatsoever, ask! Send us an email. Never assume anything. When in doubt, always ask and discuss.

1.        What three things do I do that you like me to do?
2.        What two things do I do that you don’t like me to do?
3.        What three things do you like best about me?
4.        What two things don’t you like about me?
5.        Am I correct to think it bothers you when I…?
6.        What do I do sexually that you like me to do?
7.        What do I not do sexually that you would like me to do?
8.        Do you feel taken for granted? Why?
9.        How is money affecting and influencing our relationship?
10.       Do you want to fulfill the time limit of our agreement? Why or why not?

The signatures on this agreement are not in any way, shape, or form legally binding including church
or government authority. The signatures only represent our sincere intentions to commit ourselves
to this personal relationship.

Signed______________________Date _________ Signed_______________________ Date _________

We encourage communication and a positive attitude to reinforce your commitment. Negative responses
must be brought up when they exist, to give each other a chance to change and keep them from increasing
in intensity until it’s too late. The subject of whether or not you intend to renew the contract for another term
is an example of a question you could add.

We encourage you to tell us what your additional questions are. Click on the suggestion box
to submit ideas you feel strongly about. In the end, this program has been created solely for
the purpose of making your life better.

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                    Copyright 2014 - JimB LLC DBA JB Company All Rights Reserved.
                                This is a personal commitment, not a legal contract.
              This agreement my be printed and used for free for your personal use only.
           You ARE NOT ALLOWED redistribute any information or reproduce it in any form
                          without the express written permission of the JB Company


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Dream as if
you'll live
live as if
you'll die
Always keep
your words soft
and sweet, just
in case you
have to eat
If you can't be
kind, at least
have the
to be vague.
If you lend
someone $20
and never see
that person
again, it was
probably worth it.
Always read stuff
that will make
you look good if
you die in the
of it.
A truly happy
person is one
who can enjoy
the scenery on
a detour.
When everything's
coming your way,
you're in the
wrong lane.
Some mistakes
are too much
fun to only
make once.
We could learn
a lot from
crayons. Some
are sharp,
some are pretty
and some are
dull. Some
have weird
names, and all
are different
but they all
have to live in
the same box.
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