The one night contract agreement provides a creative way to approach another person
with a written request for a single night of romance.
Your success is our goal too .
The best way
to get over
is to get
under someone
Whether you're dating or committed to marriage, this agreement can spice up
your intimate life. A little romantic effort can go a long way, especially in a marriage.
If the One Night Agreement contract looks tempting........Give it a try.
Put one in the mail to your spouse, or tape one to the refrigerator door tonight !!
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You can consider this a one night stand, sex contract, one night contract, or dating contract.
An important thing to remember is that this can also help your marriage. Spice it up a little.
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I find you attractive and desirable. In an effort to get to know you better
and explore new opportunities, I propose we spend a romantic evening together.

Any activities we engage in must be mutually agreed upon. I promise my intention
is to get to know you, with no harm intended, either physical or emotional.
Although some intimate powers of romantic persuasion are acceptable,
I will never attempt to force you to do anything you do not want to do.
Our goal is to get to know each other in as many ways as possible.

This is a personal desire of mine. I want you. I agree to keep this experience between us.
It is strictly confidential. No one else needs to know. Friends, relatives, even strangers,
and especially our mothers will not find out, or ever need to know.
We are not dating. If in the event our adventure turns out to be a positive experience
that you or I want to repeat, I agree to limit the attempts to ask to see you again.

Either one of us has the option to ask the other again only once.
If the second party says no, go away, I agree to never bring up the subject again.
In that event I further agree to uphold our agreement to keep the entire adventure
completely confidential, and a one time thing. It would be extremely rewarding
for me to get to know you better in every possible way.

Thank you very much for your consideration. I look forward to accepting your signature.

Your place? ____________ My place? ____________

Signed _____________________________________ Date______________

Signed _____________________________________ Date ______________

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