This Website

The primary intention of this website is for entertainment.
The subjects of romance, intimacy, relationships, self-help, humor, and inspiration
are presented as examples to stimulate your thought process for you to improve your own relationship situations.
The Book

My intention is to make you laugh and cry, wonder and think.
My plan is to convince you to use a few of the suggestions and techniques in my story.
My goal is to entertain and simply make your life a little better right now, today.
To accomplish that, will be a success. Not only for me, but for you as well.
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The Relationship Contracts

All of our contracts are intended to improve and define relationships.
NO CONTRACTS we provide are in any way shape or form legally binding in any way
The Relationship Calendars

Our calenders are specifically designed to educate and improve relationships on a daily basis.
They are intended to stimulate communication and educate people about what it is like to be in another person's shoes.