I understand the dangers of drinking and driving.
One drink is okay but I know how one drink can affect my judgment
and easily lead to another and another. I also understand that alcohol
can cause the brain to make me think I’m okay
and that I can drive when I should not.

Obviously, alcohol affects everyone a little differently.
I will set my limits and make sure I NEVER drive after I’ve had my limit to drink.
If I go over my consumption limit, I will not drive.
I will stay where I am and find alternate transportation.

It’s very important to me not to get arrested for drinking and driving.
It is especially important to me not to put lives at risk
or endanger others because of my drinking.

If I do drink more than my limit, I promise I will also be careful
not to accept a ride from another person who has had more
than their limit to drink
because it would put myself and others at risk.
I will not be afraid or embarrassed to call someone for a ride if I need one.
I will make the call because it’s simply the right thing to do.

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